StoryWorlding®: A Profitable Field of Dreams


Technology has changed the noun combination of StoryWorld into a verb. StoryTech™ works with content creators, rights holders, broadcasters and brands to build dynamic StoryWorlds that extend program brand, story and audience into profitable socialcasting enterprises. We build the playgrounds in those StoryWorlds where the audience and fans play.


Story + Technology = Opportunity

The digital interactive landscape is dynamic, fluid and can be confounding, and yet, it presents remarkable opportunities for content rights holders and brands to build vibrant active and engaged communities, give audiences and consumers the perception of ownership and ensure long and profitable franchises. StoryTech™ creates the strategic blueprint that discerns and manages those opportunities based in the technopology of the audience.


Nothing succeeds like great story, and when it does it activates an audience along a “participation continuum.” While they watch your work, we watch them- how they behave with content and each other, the technology they use and the ongoing conversations they have and the content they create. You have given them a StoryWorld in which to play and they become “interactors.” And, those interactors have value to your own marketing and to advertisers.


Decision Point: Whose World is it anyway?

Does the StoryWorld belong to you or the fans? A tricky question to be sure but when the content creator has clearly defined the “rules and cannons” of the StoryWorld the fans give due respect. Yet they have an expectation of more. And, if you don’t build it our for them inside the domain that you have created- they will build it without you and you will have lost a measure of control and the opportunity to generate revenues. How, why, when, where and what the audience does gives them a certain amount of power which you must balance with the creative and business needs of your program or brand.


A Fluid Strategy is Essential

Not only must you “go to where the audience lives” you must now meet them on the field of play. There is no “one size fits all approach” and StoryWorlding is as much social science as it is entertainment. And, it can be done in a most efficient way by observing audience behavior. Just as Apple changed the music business by “formalizing” illegal music downloading behavior, we formalize viewser behavior with content that enables them to seamlessly join your StoryWorld.



Why/When Do You Need a StoryWorlding Strategy?

It’s a challenge to stay one step ahead of the audience but you don’t necessarily have to struggle if you know how to take your cues from their behavior and let that guide content, distribution and franchise decision-making while maintaining control. We’ll help you do that and make sense of all the data you gather.


So, “Why?”

  1. You have a successful show with a solid active, engaged and social fan base- a tiger by the tail.
  2. You have marketing strategies that need to migrate to and integrate into story driven content.
  3. You want to build a lasting, extensible, and profitable franchise.
  4. You have the rights (or category of rights) and can turn them into an ROI.
  5. Your show has a strong mythology (and it exists in reality programming as well) with which an audience has strongly indentified.
  6. You want to find ways to exploit ancillary content as well as manage a fan community that may be creating content “outside the tent.”
  7. You want to innovate and add value for the audience, associated brands, and new distributors.
  8. You want to sustain the story and build the audience between seasons.
  9. You are looking towards brand integration, brand as character and new forms of branded entertainment.

10.You want to build a dynamic, sustainable and collaborative community.

11.You want to create new and alternate revenue streams.

12.You want to make use of and exploit valuable data.


…and “When?”

  1. At the inception of the show. Though you may not make the investment beyond social and interactive marketing, it’s never too early to begin integrated ideation.
  2. As soon as you realize you have a successful show and a loyal active fan base on your hands.
  3. When you have been renewed for another season and its time to up the “game” a bit.
  4. When you have behavioral data to review that can provide valuable insights into the audience relationship to your content and guide StoryWorld extension.
  5. When you are about to distribute internationally.


StoryTech™ will work with you collaboratively to take care of the “How?” If we build it, they will come because together we will give them the playground.