VIP Tours & Briefing

Bring more value to your attendees & exhibitors through VIP TOURS at industry events

The tours led by StoryTech senior executives and analysts include a trends briefing session just prior to walking the floor, comfortable headsets, refreshments and the “IMPACT! Trends” white paper, which provides an in-depth look at the top 5 tech trends at the conference.

StoryTech Tours Help Attendees

StoryTech Tours Helps Your Exhibitors

The Best 2 Hours You Will Ever Spend At A Conference!

Your experience is designed around what matters to your company and your clients. Built for content creators, brands, media companies and agencies.

The VIP Tours are built around StoryTech‘s key industry trends.

The 2 Hour Tour Package Includes

Organizing a Special Event for your Company or Clients?


Post Event Follow Up

An agile-inspired workshop where we seek out the most valuable insights observed at your event that can be applied to solve your most pressing business, marketing, content and/or product challenges.

I have attended CES many times and the sheer scope of this event can be overwhelming. The StoryTech tour improved my CES experience immeasurably and helped to guide and focus my time on the things I cared about most.