StoryTech CES® 2022!

A Show Floor VIP Experience
Make the most of this year's pivotal event.



+ Million Net Square Feet

2022 StoryTech IMPACT! Tours – Tailored for The Discerning Attendee

The General TourS :

  • Either Tech East, Tech West or Both Locations with lunch.
  • StoryTech ‘Industry Expert’ Guide
  • 15 minute TechLife ® brief on key trends
  • 1.5 hour custom show floor tour
  • 15 minute debrief and action item agenda
  • The Coveted “StoryTech’s CES ®  Trends” White Paper
  • Refreshments & Secure Conference Room


How can you possibly navigate over 3800 vendors in 2.4 million sqft of convention floor to find which products, experiences or thought-leaders might just inspire your business, brand, or interest?


The StoryTech IMPACT! VIP Tours and Briefings, that’s how. Discover why storytellers, content creators, brands, media companies and agency executives use us.


Skip the lines, meet the experts, and discover the gems in just two hours.


Your experience is designed around what matters to your company and your clients.


The tours are built around the key trends of 2022 as determined by StoryTech and in partnership with CES®.  


    • Focused on transportation and vehicle technology exhibits 
    • Now the largest auto show in America
    • Located in the new state of the art West Hall of the LVCC (Tech East)
    • Focused on products behind the latest in health care and wellness.
    • Tech to include remote patient care, biosensors, sleep and baby tech.
    • Located in the North Hall of the LVCC (Tech East)
    • Focused on over 700 startups housed at “Eureka Park.”
    • A showcase of new ideas, new products across every industry
    • Located in the Lower Level of the Sands Expo (Tech West)

“We tried doing it on our own but for our crazy schedules, it’s really the only way to get true value out of the show”

“I appreciated the way that you carefully selected companies to showcase and wove their offerings into a compelling and coherent view of the important trends in the market. The briefing materials prepared me well for the themes that we were going to discuss. The way that you bridged the worlds of media and advertising was uniquely valuable.”

“I want to thank you for a wonderfully informative set of tours which made the whole IBC show more approachable for the rest of the week.  You assembled a great team and resources to bring value to the Exec lounge and attendees.”


Choose your tours based on priority areas or pick a combo for a little bit of everything.
NEW this year are category tours...for a deep dive into hot consumer tech areas!


“Content Creation, Wireless, Display Tech”
Part of Tech East or Combo Tour

This area is where we will see innovations in content creation and distribution, cameras, display technology, immersive tech, and wireless tech.

“Health & Wellness”
Part of Tech East, Combo, Health&Wellness

This area features applications and technology behind the latest in health care and wellness technology. The exhibit hall will highlight solutions for remote patient visits, biosensors, sleep and baby tech plus a range of other gadgetry that can help people avoid doctors’ offices and waiting rooms.

“Mobility & Automotive”
Part of Automotive Tour

This area features applications and technology behind the latest in health care and wellness technology. The exhibit hall will highlight solutions for remote patient visits, biosensors, sleep and baby tech plus a range of other gadgetry that can help people avoid doctors’ offices and waiting rooms.

“IOT & Smart Homes”
Part of Tech West, Combo Tour

This area encompasses revolutions in the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and other high-growth technologies changing the way we live, work and play.

“Eureka Park”
Part of Tech West, Start-Up Tour

Known as ‘Eureka Park’ this area features over 700 startups showcasing their new ideas and addressing needs across every industry. If you’re looking to be inspired by startups and learn about debuting products from all over the world, this is the place

Want to attend a unique briefing?

Organizing a special event for your company or clients?

StoryTEch has your solutions!

Special events @ CES 2022

If you are considering holding a special leadership or knowledge-based event for your executives or clients StoryTech can bring together subject matter experts, tech demos, speakers and to give attendees an entertaining and informative experience. And, if there are specific companies or products you need to see, we can arrange that too.


Lori H. Schwartz

Lori H. Schwartz

Lori is Principal at StoryTech and is a leading advisor and speaker in marketing and tech innovation. Lori founded the IPGLAB in Los Angeles where she first piloted the “VIP Tour at CES” when she brought the first marketers and brands to the show.  This is Lori’s 9th year doing tours at CES.

tech east guides

Jeanette Depatie - room producer

Jeanette Depatie - room producer

6Jeanette is a professional ‘Tech ‘splainer’, writing and producing tech content for many projects and clients including Adobe, Disney, Fox and Google. Most recently she lead StoryTech Tours at the NAB Show and wrote all the content for the NAB Audio Tours.   This is Jeanette’s 5th year  as room producing and doing tours at CES.
Robin Benty

Robin Benty

Robin is a content creator who also helps storytellers bridge numerous platforms. She is currently producing TV shows for E!, VH1 & YouTube Red. Robin won an Emmy for producing a VR experience, and in her time as an executive at Fox, she created content and digital strategy for shows as varied as “The X-Files,” “24,” “Glee” & “The Simpsons.” This is Robin’s 2nd year giving tours at CES.
Tim Hanlon

Tim Hanlon

Tim Hanlon is the Founder/CEO of The Vertere Group, LLC, a Chicago-based boutique investment advisory and strategic consulting firm helping today’s most forward-leaning media companies, marketers, entrepreneurs, and investors benefit from rapidly changing technological advances in marketing, media and consumer communications.  This is Tim’s 8th year guiding tours at CES.
Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson

Marc is a seasoned digital executive, and TV Academy Co-Governor for Interactive Media. As senior strategist at DirecTV/AT&T’s Digital Innovation Lab, he drove “futurescoping” of groundbreaking products anticipating emerging technology, consumer behavior and competition. He previously led digital departments at ABC and Ovation. His consultancy, Marcato Digital, focuses on digital strategy and development. This is Marc’s 6th year giving tours at CES.
matt moroz

matt moroz

Matt is a Media and Entertainment Industry Leader in the space of Digital Strategy, Brand and Partnership Management. At Twitter, he worked directly with production partners, show producers, digital platforms, vendor partners, sales and sponsors to create innovative and engaging digital programs that drove growth. This is Matt’s 3rd year guiding tours at CES.
Hardie Tankersley

Hardie Tankersley

Hardie is an experienced executive and constant innovator at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Previously as the Senior Vice President of Innovation at Fox he delivered digital experiences for big broadcast TV shows including American Idol, Glee, The Simpsons, New Girl, and 24. This is Hardie’s 6th year giving tours at CES.

tech west guides

Heather Hale - room producer

Heather Hale - room producer

Heather is a film and television director, screenwriter and producer with over 50 hours of credits. For over two decades, Heather has served as an international keynote speaker, teacher, moderator, panelist and custom workshop facilitator for film and TV markets, festivals, writers workshops, colleges and universities. This is Heather’s 5th CES as the room producer for Tech West!
Andy Maskin

Andy Maskin

Andy leads the AT&T AdWorks Lab in New York where he is charged with informing, engaging and inspiring marketers. The Lab’s focus is the rapidly changing multi-screen media ecosystem. Andy was one of the founding members of the IPGLAB in NY.  This is Andy’s 6th year giving tours at CES.



Sarah founded Agents of Necessary in 2016 with the core belief that excellent strategic leadership needed to be available to all types and sizes of organizations – because the very nature of business models have fundementally changed. Any small scrappy start up can go to IPGO in a very short time span – and that kind fo growth can only happen with great advice. This is Sarah’s 4th year giving tours at CES.

Tony winders

Tony winders

Tony Winders is a digital marketing pioneer whose leadership, strategic insight and integrated programs have contributed to hundreds of successful B2B marketing campaigns. As founder of The Winders Group, he leads a global team of marketers to provide extraordinary strategy, content and campaigns for technology brands. This is Tony’s 2nd year as a tour guide.

Ari Popper

Ari Popper

Ari is the CEO and Co-Founder of SciFutures, an innovation house that leads brands toward their preferred futures. Ari has lead research at Brainjuicer and Millard Brown and is known for challenging and inspiring his audiences to think differently and reconsider the realm of possibility. This is Ari’s 6th year leading tours at CES
Melvin Wilson

Melvin Wilson

Melvin is the Founder of Solve Innovation Group and the Plural Accelerator, and a co lead for Agents for Necessity in NY. He has a knack for using marketing and technology in concert and has been doing so in the marketing, communications, and technology industries. This is Melvin’s 4th CES as a tour guide.

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