For the last few years, we’ve been excited to support all of our clients with great curation & content, thought leadership on current trends and support at events.  Now, we’re in a moment in time where Virtual Conferences Solutions are needed and we’re here to guide you.  Take a look and please reach out with questions,

Let StoryTech bring the sizzle to your virtual conference with our engaging online hosting and curating capabilities. We’ll deliver our unrivaled combination of technology know-how and Hollywood storytelling and entertainment skills for your next online event.

Virtual Conference Solutions


StoryTech will keep your virtual event hopping with virtual emcees who will get the audience warmed up and ready for your message, fill any technology-induced downtime with entertaining banter and help frame what the viewers are about to see with facts, figures and important industry insights.


StoryTech will work with your team to provide unique online networking opportunities for your virtual attendees. Whether it’s managing lively chat room discussions or live video networking opportunities, StoryTech’s talented improvisational coaching clients will utilize a variety of ice breakers, games and discussion tools to help attendees get to know one another and foster meaningful conversations for the months ahead.•


StoryTech will coach your key sponsors and exhibitors and then record interviews with each of them. We will then string these videos together with “walking moments” which give the disparate tour stops context and continuity with a unifying storytelling arc. The exhibit floor will come alive with these unique experiences


StoryTech will work with your engineering team as well as 3rd party companies to bring a series of interactive polls, surveys and games to your virtual event and host them with dynamic and engaging online talent.


After your online keynotes, StoryTech will conduct ‘On The Fly’ impromptu interviews with your keynote presenters weaving in industry insights as well as questions and input from the online audience. StoryTech can also coach all your keynote speakers for online video best practices.  

Our Streaming Partner

Butcher Bird Studios

Butcher Bird Studios develops and streams live video experiences that engage audiences with real time interactivity for clients such as Twitch/Amazon, Airbnb, Mazda, NatGeo, Disney, QuickBooks, Legendary Digital and more.


StoryTech produces customized thought leadership events for companies and conferences.
• Highly dexterous resources with the ability to tie-in relevance, keep a show on time, engaging and fun.
• Experienced professionals who are comfortable on stage and in front of VIP’s.

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