Event Curation & Talent

We help brands maximize conference and event experiences through storytelling and technology, adding clear value to any business gathering.


Through curated tours, panels, salons, publications, briefings, speaking engagements, live broadcasting and hosts of other products, we help you drive engagement…making your event a must attend.

Event Curation

  • We curate conference content and identify tracks for your existing conference that “Storify” the experience for your attendees.
  • We lean on our network of subject matter experts, ranging from well known authors to executives driving change, to create the best possible content.
  • We offer something unique and different through on site ‘labs’ and showcases, and unique experiential content.
  • StoryTech creates those connecting moments 
that help bring it all together!


StoryTech produces customized thought leadership events for companies and conferences.

• Highly dexterous resources with the ability to tie-in relevance, keep a show on time, engaging and fun.

• Experienced professionals who are comfortable on stage and in front of VIP’s.


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