How do you…

Drive Innovation?


Respond to emerging consumer and audience behavior?


Choose the right technologies?


Produce an ROI (Return on Innovation)?



TechLife Program

The TechLife Program gives you the vital information you need to stay ahead of the curve, respond to the tech-fueled changes in marketplace and keep your business relevant.



  • Tailored for specific business categories, verticals or for relevant trends.
  • Led by StoryTech senior executives and include subject matter experts for interactive brainstorming sessions.
  • Options: Quarterly, Biannually, or Single Event.


You may subscribe to a lot of newsletters but you’ll find none as valuable as this customized lifeline to industry developments.


  • Tailored directly to your business needs.
  • Curated and delivered in our “fastread” format – bite size media to go.
  • Options: Weekly, Bimonthly, Monthly.


It’s one thing to read about the companies you need to know about and another to meet them and foster business partnership opportunities.

  • Highly customized 1-2 day excursions where you’re introduced to innovative and established companies.
  • StoryTech works closely with you to choose the tech you need to see, the people you need to meet and the companies you may partner with.
  • Options: New York, Los Angeles, SF/Silicon Valley.


We partner with businesses to help create strategy around their corporate events, employee events, user conferences and trade show presence.

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