StoryTech CES® 2018! A Show Floor VIP Experience

Make the most of this year's pivotal event.



+ Million Square Feet

2018 StoryTech IMPACT! Tours – Tailored for The Discerning Attendee


How can you possibly navigate over 3800 vendors in 2.4 million sqft of convention floor to find which products, experiences or thought-leaders might just inspire your business, brand, or interest?


The StoryTech IMPACT! VIP Tours and Briefings, that’s how. Discover why storytellers, content creators, brands, media companies and agency executives use us.

The Tour Includes

  • Either Tech East, Tech West or Both Locations
  • 2 StoryTech senior strategists
  • 15 minute TechLife® brief on key trends
  • 1.5 hour custom show floor tour
  • 15 minute debrief and action item agenda
  • Refreshments & a Secure Conference Room
I appreciated the way that you carefully selected companies to showcase and wove their offerings into a compelling and coherent view of the important trends in the market. The briefing materials prepared me well for the themes that we were going to discuss. The way that you bridged the worlds of media and advertising was uniquely valuable.


We provide an unparalleled experience that is tailored to give you a carefully curated and timely engagement.  Skip the lines, meet the experts, and discover the gems in just two hours.


Your experience is designed around what matters to your company and your clients – each guide gets a profile on exactly what your interests are and each tailors their tour accordingly.


The IMPACT! VIP Tours are built around the key trends of 2018 as determined by StoryTech and in partnership with CES.  Led by StoryTech experts, these walking interactive sessions give you relevant knowledge to continue to build valuable, profitable audience relationships.

The Tech East Tour

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center

According to CES “Tech East is where innovations in audio, automotive, electronics, gaming, wireless devices, digital imaging/photography or anything “i” come to market.” Here you will see innovations in content creation and distribution, cameras, display technology, production software, virtual reality, drones, automotive, electric power, wireless, and much more.

The Tech West Tour

Location: Sands Expo

CES says, “Tech West encompasses revolutions in fitness and health, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and other high-growth technologies changing the way we live, work and play. You’ll discover the titans of tech, promising startups and everything in between.” Here you’ll see established companies and start-ups in 3D printing, education and technology, health and wellness, robotics, wearables and more.

The Best of Both -“COMBO”

Location: Las Vegas Convention Center and Sands Expo

Yes that’s right. We’ll curate and cover the key exhibitors that are most relevant to your business at both Tech East and Tech West. Transportation will be provided between venues.

Meet Your Tour Guides

Lori H. Schwartz

Lori H. Schwartz

Lori is Principal at StoryTech and is a leading advisor and speaker in marketing and tech innovation. Lori founded the IPGLAB in Los Angeles where she first piloted the “VIP Tour at CES” when she brought the first marketers and brands to the show.  This is Lori’s 7th year doing tours at CES.

Robinne Burrell

Robinne Burrell

Robinne is Chief Product Officer in Residence at Redflight Mobile where she is in charge of Product Innovation for multiple early stage start-ups. She is a mobile product innovator and m-commerce strategist with over 8 years of product development experience. This is Robinne’s 2nd year giving tours at CES.

Hardie Tankersley

Hardie Tankersley

Hardie is an experienced executive and constant innovator at the intersection of entertainment and technology. Previously as the Senior Vice President of Innovation at Fox he delivered digital experiences for big broadcast TV shows including American Idol, Glee, The Simpsons, New Girl, and 24. This is Hardie’s 2nd year giving tours at CES. 

Brad Berens

Brad Berens

Brad is Principal at Big Digital Idea Consulting, Inc. where he connects companies, technologies, people and ideas, with wide-ranging expertise that includes ad:tech, ed:tech, mobile, innovation, events and event strategy. Previously Brad was Chief Global Content Officer For DMG where he ran all the content for ad:tech Conferences, iMedia Summits, Digital Collective and CMO Collective events. This is Brad’s 3rd year leading tours at CES.

Michael Rice

Michael Rice

Michael is founder of iAgency where he brings 20 years of marketing experience with 80% in digital marketing to brands looking for strategy and services. This is Michael’s 3rd year doing VIP tours at CES.

Jeanette Depatie

Jeanette Depatie

Jeanette is a professional ‘Tech ‘splainer’, writing and producing tech content for many projects and clients including Adobe, Disney, Fox and Google. Most recently she lead StoryTech Tours at the NAB Show and wrote all the content for the NAB Audio Tours.   This is Jeanette’s 3rd year doing tours at CES.

Michael Ball

Michael Ball

Michael Ball is Senior Director of Creative strategy at SciFutures, overseeing the creative application of new technologies and developing future narratives for brands.  Michael was one of the founding members of the IPGLAB in Los Angeles.  This is Michael’s 5th year giving tours at CES.

Andy Maskin

Andy Maskin

Andy leads the AT&T AdWorks Lab in New York where he is charged with informing , engaging and inspiring marketers. The Lab’s focus is the rapidly changing multi-screen media ecosystem. Andy was one of the founding members of the IPGLAB in NY.  This is Andy’s 5th year giving tours at CES.

Ari Popper

Ari Popper

Ari is the CEO and Co-Founder of SciFutures, an innovation house that leads brands toward their preferred futures. Ari has lead research at Brainjuicer and Millard Brown and is known for challenging and inspiring his audiences to think differently and reconsider the realm of possibility. This is Ari’s 4th year leading tours at CES

Damien S. Navarro

Damien S. Navarro

Damien is a partner at, a business and marketing shop.  He has worked with Fortune 500 and non-profit clients alike,  in both domestic and international markets. He is also an award-winning producer of original and branded motion-picture, television, and digital content.  He most recently served as chief-executive and owner of Brighter Collective which he sold in 2013.  This is Damien’s 1st year leading tours at CES.

Want to attend a unique briefing?

Organizing a special event for your company or clients?

StoryTEch has your solutions!


The IMPACT! MAP Briefing Sessions (Tech South, CSPACE- Aria @Juniper Ballroom level 3)

Help your 2017 CES Show Floor experience with this jam-packed and fun filled 30-minute briefing!

Don’t have time for a walking tour? StoryTech’s IMPACT! MAP Briefings are based on StoryTech’s unique curation approach. These 30 minute interactive briefings sessions cover the tech and behavioral trends of 2018 driving the future of media and entertainment, the “geography” of Tech East and Tech West and include a curated map of the show floors outlining the must see technology driving the trends. 


Special events @ CES 2018

If you are considering holding a special leadership or knowledge-based event for your executives or clients StoryTech can bring together subject matter experts, tech demos, speakers and to give attendees an entertaining and informative experience. And, if there are specific companies or products you need to see, we can arrange that too.

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