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StoryTech Immersive works with television networks, production companies, brands and content creators to educate, strategize and package for high quality VR

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The company’s model includes embedding high caliber independent VR filmmakers in existing production teams in television and film.

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Brian Seth Hurst

Brian Seth Hurst is a solutionist. He combines a deep knowledge of brand, markets, storytelling and audience behavior to discover, optimize and manage new opportunities brought about by dynamic change at the intersection of content, technology and distribution. Hurst is referred to as “the father of cross-platform” a term he coined in 1998 as MD of Convergent Media at Pittard Sullivan to describe the TV Guide “viewser” experience. He has been key strategist for innovation by some of the world’s best-known brands including TVGuide, TiVo, Virgin, BT, NBCUniversal and Intel.

As CEO of The Opportunity Management Company, a strategic consultancy driving the next generation of entertainment experiences Hurst is regarded internationally as an expert in the construction, business modeling and maintenance of story worlds for both content and brands; and the ongoing conversation/collaboration between the storyteller and the audience. A proponent of “informed collaboration” between storytellers and technologists Hurst is co-founder along with Amber J. Lawson and Lori H. Schwartz of StoryTech™ an initiative in association with major trade events dedicated to facilitating such collaboration.

Hurst served as a two-time Governor and second vice-chair on the Board of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. He also served two terms on the Board of the Producers Guild of America and as two-term Chairman and founding member of the organization’s New Media Council. Hurst was appointed Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in 2009.

Hurst is author of the recently released book “WHOLE” a collection of essays that illustrate how our thoughts, beliefs and the way we feel serve to create not just our personal reality but also our national and global realities. His last literary adventure was the best selling children’s book “A Pig Tale” co-authored with Olivia Newton-John.