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Return on Innovation

Return on Innovation is the new ROI.

Your relationship with audiences and consumers is wholly dependent on the ability to innovate. Whether you are establishing or upgrading an innovation program within your company Imperative will create and implement a framework that is right for your culture and business and drive measurable outcomes.


  • InnovationWorks

    The foundation of this 2-day intensive and immersive workshop is StoryTech’s proprietary system for integrating innovation into your existing company culture. Interviews are conducted with key stakeholders prior to the event that produce a comprehensive picture of your business from brand and business goals to an innovation SWOT analysis. The workshop includes education relative to the trends in tech and consumer behavior, fun teambuilding exercises, business modeling, futurescaping and the mapping out of the framework for innovation and new product/service development. And, of course a “wrap-party” to celebrate.

    Who: Any business who is looking to ignite innovation.

    Result: Solid organic framework for new product, service or content initiatives enabled by technology.

  • StoryWorlding

    Writers inherently create a storyworld where the characters live, engage and behave in certain ways while interacting with place, time and each other all in service to a story. Today’s audience wants to live and participate in the storyworld and if you don’t give them a playground they will build one themselves. This one-day workshop teaches you how to build and monetize a story world across multiple platforms. Focusing on the conversation between the storyteller and the audience and platforms enabling user experiences that are right for the content you are creating. From principles of storyworlding to business models and audience building and management StoryWorlding gives you a process template based on best practices for developing, distributing and managing content in a multiplatform interactive world.

    Who: Content creators, producers, production companies, distributors brand managers, and marketing executives.

    Result:  Gaining a process to build, maintain and monetize storyworlds unique to each property or brand.

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