TechLife Program

Knowledge IS Power.

How do you

Drive Innovation?

Respond to emerging consumer and audience behavior?

Choose the right technologies?

Produce an ROI (Return on Innovation)?

The TechLife Program gives you the vital information you need to stay ahead of the curve, respond to the tech-fueled changes in marketplace and lifestyle, and stay relevant.

Customized. We’re not talking syndicated research here. We’re talking about news, information, analysis and recommendations that are tailored to your business and brand goals as a result of our interviews with key stakeholders and decision makers in your company.


  • TechLife Briefings

    These engaging on-site events present the latest in technology and trends that matter to your business. Whether tailored for specific departments or for the whole company the TechLife brief led by StoryTech senior executives moves from information which may include subject matter experts to interactive brainstorming to recommendations.
    Options: Quarterly, Biannually, or Single Event.

  • TechLifeLine

    You may subscribe to a lot of newsletters but you’ll find none as valuable as this customized lifeline to industry developments. Like the briefings the information you receive is related directly to your business. Curated and delivered in our “fastread” format it’s bit size to go media but always with the opportunity to get more. Options: Weekly, Bimonthly, Monthly.

  • TechLife Tours

    It’s one thing to read about the companies you need to know about and another to meet them. StoryTech is dedicated to informed collaboration between storytellers and tech companies and fosters business partnership opportunities. We work closely to plan these highly customized 1-2 day excursions where you’re introduced to innovative and established companies driving the future of engagement and entertainment. StoryTech works closely with you to choose the tech you need to see, the people you need to meet and the companies you may partner with. Options: New York, Los Angeles, SF/Silicon Valley. 

  • StoryTech@

    Every year StoryTech creates customized VIP “IMPACT!” show floor tours for major industry trade shows built and curated specifically your company. We put the technology you see on the floor in the context of your business and work closely with you to make sure you maximize your time and get the most our of the show. The experience also includes the IMPACT! Briefing publication, which details the top trends coming out of the shows.

  • Custom Event Creation/Management

    StoryTech has produced custom thought leadership events for both companies and conferences. From subject matter experts and well known authors to executives driving change in media technology and entertainment, we will create an event that is relevant, entertaining and informative.  


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