Production and Storyworlding

Signal 2 Noise

The Overview

  • Client: Signal 2 Noise, Bunim-Murray
  • Date: Production Spring 2015

The Challenge

Creators Shea Breaux and Patricia Templin had a vision not for just a “show” but for a platform business that would give new artists a leg up in the music business by exposing them to experts, challenging them at every step and telling their story. They came to StoryTech to make that dream a reality.

The Strategy

StoryTech created the pitch, including the concept and the business models, targeting what we felt would be the right production partner. Closing the deal with Bunim-Murray the creators, the StoryTech team and the team from Bunim-Murray digital began to shape what will be a revolutionary approach to programming and story driven revenue streams.

The Results

Signal 2 Noise is not just a multi-platform entertainment property but a business offering a sustainable platform for story, musical artists, and sales of product. The business is supported through private investment. Production is set to begin Spring, 2015.