Conspiracy For Good: The Worldbuild Process

Brand As Character

The Overview

  • Client: Tim Kring’s Conspiracy For Good
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StoryTech worked closely with all parties for the informed collaboration to deliver an audience experience that would begin with linear storytelling (video), move into an alternate reality type game and progress into a street or locative game using the city of London as a playing board. At each stage Nokia’s products and services were integrated into the storyline allowing the brand to become a character in the story, and allowing the use of the technologies by the participants to drive the story forward.

The Challenge

Nokia approached Tim Kring to ask him to create a story that would drive trial and take up of the Ovi Store, Ovi Maps, and the introduction of their Point and Find Technology. During initial discussions it was also decided that this would be an opportunity for Nokia to forward corporate social responsibility goals in the area of literacy.

The Results

One million downloads (registered users of Ovi) of CFG entry games in the first month of launch. Estimated Nokia public relations value and community buzz of over US $28 million on a $6 Million investment. Awareness for NGO’s Room to Read and We Give Books. The building and stocking of a library for school children in Chataika Village Zambia. The donation of over 10,000 books for children in need, and more. The launch of the CFG franchise and the birth of “Social Benefit Storytelling”