The Business of Trends

#VR Morality: “Bioshock,” Objectivism and Immersion

BIOSHOCK. It was literally game changing, back in 2007. Game Informermagazine named creator Ken Levine “Storyteller of the Decade” in 2010. Storyteller not game designer. Something shifted for me as I plunged myself into the depths of Bioshock. I wasn’t...
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#VR Storytelling: Respect for the VieweR

Once upon a time I worked a summer as a character in a haunted house attraction. I have to admit it was fun scaring kids out of their sneakers but there were lines you just didn’t cross. If you did...
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Don’t run from disruption — leverage it

Posted by Lori Luechtefeld on December 8th, 2014 at 8:37 am Change today is exponential. If your brand is thinking in a linear fashion, you’re on a path toward doom. (Just ask Blockbuster, BlackBerry, and Kodak.) These were the sobering...
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Hot On The Trail Of The New Fronts

By Lori H. Schwartz April 2014 Day One Overview of the New Fronts The NewFronts are here and the annual schlep to see the latest from the digital side of the content business is upon us.  It’s a sprint to... Continue reading
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  StoryWorlding®: A Profitable Field of Dreams   Technology has changed the noun combination of StoryWorld into a verb. StoryTech™ works with content creators, rights holders, broadcasters and brands to build dynamic StoryWorlds that extend program brand, story and audience...
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