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Lori H. Schwartz

Chief Technology Catalyst, Co-Founder

When Lori was 6 she tried to tell her dairy owner father that the glass milk bottle would be better with a little spigot on the side so kids wouldn’t have to take the bottle out of the fridge when they might drop it. What started then, detoured briefly into a stint in improv and then lead to a career as one of the most forward looking authorities on technology and consumers as well as a leader in the field known as “momtech.”

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StoryTech® Partners Start-Up Spotlights

Company Name Social Native
Location Los Angeles, CA
Description The largest native ad exchange powered by organic and engaging social content.
Founders David Shadpour, Eytan Elbaz, Aaron Geisler
Category Influencer Marketing, Creative,  Native Advertising, Social Media

Influencer marketing is in hyper drive. It is the latest evolution in the “content as marketing” movement that presents an advertiser’s value proposition in the form of content generated by an influencer (individuals that have influence over potential buyers) and drives marketing engagements around these influencers (and their lower funnel audience). You could even say it is an emerging art form where true storytelling meets product. But how do you manage influencers without sacrificing authenticity or alienating the audience?


Social Native, a pioneering presence in influencer marketing, is harnessing the power of the social web by connecting brands and social media influencers. Brands offer up “campaigns” to the influencers who then can choose how they want to participate. Influencers are compensated while growing their networks and brands extend their reach to “most likely to share and buy” audiences.


Social Native developed a cutting-edge programmatic platform that fuels campaigns by leveraging high impact photos and videos across the social web. They are one of the largest native ad exchanges powered by organic and engaging influencer content.

Company Name AdTent
Location Culver City, CA
Description Cloud-based product placement marketplace for brands and content creators.
Founders Kyle Heller, Josh Dubinsky
Category Product Placement, Software, Advertising

The placement of products in television programming and films used to be handled by a few big companies who would work with studios and networks across a number of consumer product categories to make those products stars. But, as the world of content expands exponentially so do the opportunities for brands to target and reach audiences. What if there was an automated marketplace to do this? Sure the product placement industry runs on relationships but these days that may not be enough to cover all the opportunities. Fear not. The “uberization” of product placement is here. Enter AdTent a beautiful and seamless algorithmic matching marketplace has arrived. Content creators and brands can do more than play nicely in this sandbox they can make great deals. Account holders on both sides enter content or products into the system, categorize and can even post rate cards. The system takes over and offers up the matches. All the elements are there including type of content, reach and distribution. You then see the matches and you can make a request. When a request is accepted conversations and negotiations begin. The service is free for content creators. Brands pay a fee but AdTent takes no deal percentage.